Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Dan and I recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We thought we had it good 3 years ago when life looked like this.....

Now it looks like this.....

And I couldn't be happier!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yea Daddy!!

We started our busy month of May with Dan's graduation. He got his Bachelor's degree in Finance from the UofA or should I say Eller College of Business (they seem to think they are better than the plain old UofA).

We are so proud of him! It's nice to be done with school. No more late night papers or group meetings although I think we see him less now that he is working full time. Thanks for all that you do for our little family. We love you!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

9.5 months already!!!

Have 9 months already come and gone since we welcomed Landon into this world? It doesn't seem that long ago and yet it's so hard to imagine life without our little Turkey Lurkey. I know I have said that before but "time" really changes once you become a parent. Landon is such a good baby! He is so happy and full of personality. We are so blessed to have him in our family.

He is a big boy wearing 12-18 month clothing and a size 4 diaper. At his 9 month check up a few weeks ago he weighed 20lbs 1oz and is 28 1/8in long with 45.4cm head circumference. His eyes aren't quite as blue as they once were they are more of a blue/green. It will be interesting to see what color they end up being. We are thinking hazel. His hair keeps getting lighter and lighter. Might end up being a blondie like his Mommy. Poor little buddy still doesn't have any teeth, but that doesn't stoop him from eating lots of yummy foods like Chocolate Cheerios.

Landon has lots of fun tricks and it seems like he is adding new ones every week.

* When we ask for "kisses" he plants a big wet open mouth kiss right on our lips. It's so wonderful especially when we don't have to ask.
* When we say "YEA!!" he claps his hands.
* When any one (even strangers and the grocery store) say "Hi" he waves.
* He pulls himself up to stand on just about anything.
* He is getting faster and faster at crawling every day. Especially when he sees something he wants or a door opens to a room he shouldn't be in or when his diaper comes off.
* When we get him nice and balanced he can take 3 or 4 solid steps on his own.
* His latest trick is a hilarious scrunchy face (see video below).

Funny boy keeps us laughing all the time. We sure love our Little Boy Blue!!