Monday, September 6, 2010

UNO!! and DOS!!!

I can't believe my sweet baby boy turned ONE on August 20th. The day was filled with fun. We went shopping for a birthday outfit with Grandma Tidwell and then headed to Cup Cake for a yummy cupcake. Doesn't it look delicious!!

Landon was more interested in sharing than eating it himself. :) I think he had one bite of frosting and was done.

The next day we had a b-day bash. Landon got lots of fun toys and books. I feel like our house is exploding at the seems with singing baby toys.

We decided to try the cake thing again.....

He liked it much better this time. Ice cream must have made the difference. It looks super cute on his face!! At one point I went to take a bite of my piece and it was missing. Sneaky little boy stole my cake!!

We don't have any pictures but Landon even got to announce that he is going to be a big brother!! Dan and I gave him a book called "Big Brother" to open in front of everyone. We are really excited for the new addition to our little family. Landon has enriched our lives more that I could have expected and I can't wait to see what baby joys baby #2 will bring.

And for my memory some of the things our boy is up to at ONE:

Weight: 21bls 2oz
Height: 29 3/4 in
Head Circumference: 46.4 cm
Words: mama, dada, nana, baba, bye bye, no, dankey (blankey), hello, Jack, Daisy, der (water)
Favorite Food: pears and strawberries
Teeth: 2 on the top and 2 more coming in

*He loves his Blankey! Every morning when I walk into his room he holds his blanket up high and says "dankey"! His blankey also triggers a thumb in the moth reflex that is too cute.
*He loves bath time, swimming and playing in puddles.
*He LOVES to sneak a swig of soda from grandma.
*He enjoys going bye bye.....but doesn't like when mama or dada leave him behind.
*He loves talking on the phone!! Just about anything that is rectangle is a pretend phone for him.
*He has a bit of a temper and when something isn't working they way wants it he chucks it across the room.
*He has recently learned to pucker his lips when he kisses and even says "muah"!
*He gets his feelings hurt pretty easy and when he does his bottom lip puckers out. Hate to say that it is super cute!
*He loves my parents dog Jack!! Love love loves him. Whenever he sees a puppy he says Jack. When we pull into Grandmas house he usually says Jack. He really likes to play chase with Jack and is getting pretty good a running.
*He can open the toilet lid and has figured our how to flush the toilet. This is really a problem because we don't have a door on our master bathroom. It's quite a pain.
*He is quite the ham. He loves to put on a good performance for some attention.

Landon is the greatest little boy we could have asked for. We love him more than words can say!!!