Thursday, May 13, 2010

Livin' BIG at the RITZ Carlton

So I guess Katie has been really busy, since the blog hasn't been updated for a while. She actually has been busy, with swimming lessons, Landon, and redoing our kitchen. So I guess it's my turn to step up and start doing some of this blogging.

A few weeks ago, we got to go with Katie's dad and volunteer at a fundraiser for the Arizona Children's Association. It was really a lot of fun, since it was a golf fundraiser held at the new Ritz Carlton here in Tucson at Dove Mountain. One of the cool parts, was that we got to spend the night prior to the fundraiser in a little (not really that little) casita.

So here is a day in the life of a Ritz baby.

These little glass bottles of ketchup are really funny! Leave it up to someone that doesn't need to worry about much else to want to their own individual glass bottle of ketchup.

Nothing beats cartoons in the morning on your very own HD TV!

And how about getting around the Ritz grounds? Travel around, in your BRAND NEW GOLF CART! (sounds like I'm on the Price-Is-Right!) Pretty cool that you can give a call at any time, and a guy with a golf cart will show up to chauffeur you to wherever you desire.

The bathroom was HUGE, big enough for a baby to enjoy

The views at the casita were pretty awesome. Landon during the last few weeks has perfected a few things, like standing up on his own with the support of an object, crawling, and walking with only one hand.

Unfortunately, when that picture was taken he still hadn't perfected the standing on his own, so he promptly fell over and got a big ol' welt on his head... So that's the family picture at the golf course, and you can't see it, but Landon has a big fat bruise on his head.

Nice big bed, but for some reason I slept HORRIBLY on it. Evidently, Landon slept just fine.

And then there was the TUB!

Can you see me?

A few more posts will be coming, since a lot has happened during the past few weeks - so STAY TUNED!