Monday, March 23, 2015

JANUARY phone pics

January 1

The thing Landon wanted to do most during winter break was see snow. He was begging us to go to Mt Lemon to play in the snow. His wish came true when we woke up to snow on the ground New Years day. They boys only played in the snow for about 15 minutes before they were too cold. The snow was beautiful! However, I'm glad it was gone before they day was of the many reasons I love living in Tucson is the fact that we don't get snow.

January 2

Dan wanted to take the boys to see Big Hero 6. I didn't want to miss out on the fun and convinced him and myself that Ethan wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong! There was too much excitement for him to relax and nurse himself to sleep, so I ended up in the hallway for the last 20 minutes of the movie. It was a fun family outing!

January 5

When Landon and Cade were little they LOVED their Coozy Coupes. They would race them around and around the house. Once they got a little to big and destructive we moved the cars outside. This was Ethan's first time in the car. He LOVED it just as much as his big brothers. We have since moved the car back inside.

January 8

After a couple rough sleepless nights of teething I bought Ethan a Baltic Amber teething necklace. This was right after I first put it on him. It has made a HUGE difference. He call him our little hipster/ surfer dude baby.

January 12

In order to get a parking parking spot to pick Landon up from school we have to arrive 40 minutes early. This it w hat our wait time looks like....Cade on the iPad and Ethan exploring the car.

The boys love playing in Daddy's truck. I believe this was Ethan's first time joining his brothers. The sure are cute!! 

January 13

When I picked Cade up from school I realized we matched. We had to document the occasion.

January 14

I put Ethan in one of the little recliners and he thought he was so cool. It was too cute!

January 16

For date night we went to see the Ice Cats with the Atkinsons and Goodmans.

January 20

Ethan makes a big mess while eating. Sometimes after dinner I put him on the ground so he can enjoy a second course.

January 22

Dan took Ethan to work while I got my hair done. This is him sitting in his Papa Hoefferles chair.

January 24

Dan's Grandma Simmons died in January. His sister Chanelle came down from Utah for the funeral. Getting 10 little ones to sit still and look at the camera was tough.

Top: Ethan (9 months), Tyler (8), Aubrin (8), Amy (11), Juliet (5 months) 
Bottom: Elsie (5), Landon (5), Cade (3), Bridger (14), Austin (4)

January 27

While nursing Ethan, Cade got in bed with us to snuggle. I was so amazed that both boys fell asleep, I had to document it. It was so wonderful snuggling them and listening to their deep sleeping breath.

We went to Landons school for a "Night at the Museum" where they had some of their art work on display. 

January 29

I couldn't believe that it happened again! I loved theses moments!!  

Looking back I see that I sure loved Ethan in blue stripes. :)